Ep. 48 -- Rick Ferri, CFA


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On this episode, my guest is Rick Ferri, CFA, a well known advocate of index fund investing.

  • Passive investing (just using ETFs does not mean passive investing)
  • What to do before you do portfolio construction
    • Accumulation of assets (savings rate first and then portfolio optimization)
    • Living below your means
    • Accumulating knowledge
  • Portfolio construction
  • The stages of investor education (Core4)
    • Darkness
    • enlightenment
    • Complexity
    • Simplicity

We go over some common scenarios about how to invest and Rick gives some principles to think about before deciding what to do.

Finally Rick reminds us physicians, that even though we went to medical school, we are not special when it comes to investing. Its good advice.

You can find out more about Rick at rickferri.com and core-4.com for a list of his principles and publications.

He also started the new Bogleheads on investing podcast, so be sure to check it out and his new book, The education of an Index Investor.

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