I Didn’t Know People Said That

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Hot on the heels of our most recent cast made entirely of pod, we now have another one for your enjoyment.

In spite of having never identified the program as such during the show, this time it has been decided that “episode 20” should be entitled, “I Didn’t Know People Said That.

At this time you may even notice our logo has changed for the program. At our most recent meeting we have decided to run with the idea that this is on purpose.

In this episode, Morty & Austin are on that cruise they’ve been meaning to take, and while they’re at it, discuss: The Adventure Zone, various vacations and fun activities we’ve been up to, the book Our Universe by Roy Galant, the Gender Odyssey conference Mort is attending, Conversations With People Who Hate Me, and What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law

Our legal representatives have advised us to say that there is currently no evidence to support Austin’s theory that they were aboard a boat made out of humanely treated vegan chickens. However, we’ll let the show act as our evidence.

Thank you.


I Didn’t Know People Said That.

Part I: Funny Goofs to Very Intense and Serious Moments.

Duh, it’s The Adventure Zone. And you can find griffinmcelroy on Soundcloud.com. And of course, visit beautiful, downtown mcelroyshows.com for all your McElroy podcasting needs. It’s the only place on the web, so that works out well for you.

Part II: Flabby Joe? Where’d you go?

Here at the DINTHAN Travel Agency, we have a wide range of vacation options for you to choose from. Let’s say rustic cabins are your interest? Then, you must check out the Antler’s Guard Station, complete with a propane fridge (how quaint). But, if you tend to lead a more “mafioso”-like lifestyle, perhaps you want to sleep with the fishes for a change, in which case we recommend something like the Aquarium of Boise, or perhaps sleeping among the stumps at Lake Harriet. Places like the Boise Zoo are quite in vogue this season, but if I know you, a tour of only two art museums in the US would fit you just nicely: Boise Art Museum followed by a side trip to The Art Institute of Chicago. That’ll be $80,000. Thanks.

Part III: Flipping For The Artist.

Why not pick up a copy of Our Universe at ridiculously low prices. That’s not an affiliate link. That’s just us doing something nice for our listeners. Our lazy, lazy listeners.

Part IV: The Ship’s Cat

Morty comes out of the closet here, right on our program! Though, we were pretty sure you all knew anyway, we’re always proud, and it felt right to share it here. However, if you have questions about this, or say a family member that might be part of the LGBTQ community, probably the best way to explore gender in an environment where parents and children can learn about it together is through the Gender Odyssey Conference. There are Scholarships & Subsidies available for people who can’t afford all of the costs that are associated, but still want to go. Check it out. You might even learn something about yourself.

Part V: Two More Things.

Because the entire world is filtered through podcasts and nothing else, we offer two more suggestions of things you may enjoy hearing in this popular audio format. Conversations With People Who Hate Me by Dylan Marron is pretty great, and so is What Trump Can Teach Us About Con Law. Both help educate at a time when it seems like people only want to yell.


Here’s where you can find Mort: instagram.com/zagonem

That’s it.


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