Shame, Sex Ed and Inclusive Sex Positivity with Jannette Davies


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In this episode, Hannah is joined by Jannette Davies, who is the founder of Sonder and Beam. Jannette discusses what led her to start Sonder and Beam, her African Christian upbringing, and how she went from learning about sex in a more conservative context to becoming someone whose job it is to encourage other people to talk more openly about sex. She and Hannah talk about the cultural differences around sex and dating between the western world and Sierra Leone, and inclusive sex positivity and having different sex positive values. Finally, Hannah and Jannette discuss how sex as a subject matter should be taken more seriously, as well as slut-shaming, the media, and Bridgerton. Hannah and Jannette also discuss FGM (female genital mutilation) - timestamps to skip this section if you need to are below.
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Hi, I am Jannette. I founded Sonder and Beam because I believe that everyone around the world deserves to be educated about their body and given the free choice to do what they please with it.
I love what the Sex Positive movement has achieved for women in the western world over the past few decades. Since ‘Me Too’, the conversation around female sex and sexuality has blown up and I am all for that. But there is so much more to do.
My mission in life is to create a space where females can speak freely, learn to understand themselves and others, and make their own free choices when it comes to how they live, how they identify, and what they choose to do with their bodies: without fear of violence, stigma or shame. I have seen that the women who make the most change in this world are those who support other women: even simply by listening and being present for one another. I founded Sonder & Beam to give women a way to do exactly that. Together we can change the conversation. Together, we can make a better world for every woman, everywhere.
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