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The song this week is from my Doowop album called Doowop is called "Love At First Sight" and I originally wrote it with the intention of submitting it to the producers of the musical Dreamboats and Petticoats....I heard no more so I sent it to a pal of mine in the States who has a doowop radio station and he suggested I make an album of 50s style songs which I I am a fan of that style of music....hence the attitude has always been not to wait for people to make up their mind just get stuff out there. Can you believe the BBC are STILL going on about sexual harassment in of the "lewed" comments in question was by an M.P. EIGHT YEARS AGO who made a comment when some over sensitive female walked in the room and said "It's warm in here" which he replied "That's because I'm in here" doubt she has been mentally scarred ever since...I really do give's really pathetic...what happened to a good slap across the face?....what we are NOT told is what constitutes sexual harassment/comments...I think 99% of women enjoy a good laugh...certainly the ones I've known...but the 1% are the ones who have the say...not that the media helps the situation. Remember Gerri Halliwell pinching Prince Charles's bum?....imagine that situation the other way round. I watched the documentary on George Michael....very interesting...especially the fall out with his record company....I was never a particular fan of George but appreciated his massive talent....a sad loss. I also watched Sheridan Smith in concert....I thought she was brilliant playing Cilla Black in the TV drama....however she has had a lot of problems of late and I think it showed....I thought her selection of songs wasn't too good despite the full orchestra backing and whoever did her makeup should be sacked....this together with her tattoos didn't help....all this plus unnecessary interviews by Alexander Armstrong in between songs made the whole thing a disappointing watch. The Queen has hit the headlines with some of her money being kept in a tax haven....along with Lewis Hamilton with his brand new private jet and Bono......apparently there is nothing illegal about this...but it's "immoral"...the tax they are dodging should go into the country...(so moats can be built around MPs houses?)...what SHOULD be illegal is allowing Bono to make records...he is rubbish...Lord Sugar has been jumping on the bandwagon showing his tax payment...58 million...prattling on about how the tax pays for all the services we have in the country....he did pay his tax early however to avoid the tax about US and THEM. 5.Finally....never mind the shooting in Texas...and all the families wiped out by tsunamis...or the homeless living in blankets in doorways...Aston has been judged out of Strictly Come Dancing....this has caused a huge could such a wonderful dancer be kicked out?...what were the judges thinking??...this is national news...I wouldn't be surprised if the sheep didn't march on the studios in London...for heaven's sake it's a SHOW!! That's is of NO importance whatsoever...I enjoy watching it but couldn't care less who goes and who stays...just about sums up our viewing population.

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