S.O.U.L. Class 755 Anousim On The Rise Part 33


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Blessed is Our Eternal Creator!!! Shalom/Peace and Brocha/Blessing upon the entire Human Family Experience. With Creator's Help, our next program will take place on 09/06/20 starting at 6:00 PM Holy Land of Israel time corresponding to 11:00 AM time live from Turtle Island=AKA=USA=Unified Soul Actualization. Program content will focus on being in discussion with Ezra L'Anousim Israeli Amuta CEO Yaffa Batya DaCosta who will share her thoughts about the upcoming new year Rosh Hoshanah and connecting it to her and the efforts of others to empower Anousim. To further interact with Yaffa Batya DaCosta connect with her via yaffbatya@yahoo.com To participate or merely listen to the program call 347-838-8669. May the Eternal Creator Bless and Protect you and your loved ones while you take a look at the Ezra L'Anousim website-http://bneianousim.org/

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