Preparing Our Hearts for Easter :: Erin Moon [Ep 236]


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Depending on your church and faith background, you may of heard of Lent or even observed it in the past. Similar to the Advent period which leads up to Christmas, Lent is a season of prayer and fasting before Easter. It is a practice recognized by millions of Protestant Christians and Catholics. Though it isn’t mentioned or required in scripture (neither is Advent or Christmas), the practice of Lent can enrich your worship and deepen your focus on the meaning of the cross and the victory of the resurrection. My guest Erin Moon takes us through the practice and purpose behind Lent and answers some common questions you might have about the practice of fasting during the Lenten season and more. I think as a culture we are so far away from being uncomfortable. We have put in every safeguard that we can think of for our comfort. And I think we are doing ourselves a massive disservice. Lent is based on Jesus' 40 days of fasting in the wilderness before he started his ministry. And so I think it's so good for us to deny ourselves the things that make us comfortable. Though much of the focus at Lent can be about fasting or denying something that distracts us from God, there is also place to feast on God’s Word and fill that emptiness with more of Him. These disciplines are meant to empty us so that the Lord may fill us. We are making ourselves available to Christ in hopes of growing our faith. When we get into a mindset closely related to Jesus as he fasted and prayed, we are getting closer to him. We are removing distractions. We're waiting, but we're not wasting our time. Lent begins this year on Wednesday, March 6 and continues for the 6 weeks leading up to Easter. Erin has created an in-depth guide for Lent that is perfect for beginners and for those who have observed it for many years. If you are unsure about Lent, I encourage you to take a moment and ask God if this is for you in your current season. If you have a friend who has observed Lent before, ask questions! Get curious. (Don’t Lent Alone!) Or, take a leap and try it out. There are so many spiritual disciplines and ways we can connect with God. If Lent helps you grow in God’s grace, then doit. But if it doesn’t, then don’t. I hope you enjoy our chat and connect with Erin on Instagram @erinhmoon for some of the most fun and funny Instagram Stories on the internet. She has a separate account you can follow for more about Lent: @OHeavyLightness. What we chat about: Erin’s background as a Southern Baptist and her transition to an Anglican tradition The liturgical calendar and rhythms of worship in the Anglican faith Lent’s background and the purpose of fasting Lent is based on Jesus' 40 days of fasting in the wilderness before he started his ministry Determining what to fast is about removing a distraction and then filling that space with something that brings you closer to Jesus The idea of both fasting and feasting Processing grief and anger through Lent Praying the hours during Lent Erin’s Lent study, Oh Heavy Lightness, A Guide for Lent and Holy Week (Use code MOM15 for 15% off) Lenten and Easter services like Palm Sunday and Tenebrae Services and the rhythm of daily prayers during Lent Connect with Erin: Family Resources for Lent: Treasuring God in Our Traditions Noël Piper and John Piper [BOOK] ** Observing Lent with Your Kids 16 Ways To Observe Lent As A Family 10 Things You Can Do (or Give Up) for Lent As a Family 10 Lenten Traditions to Enrich Your Family's Easter Celebration Links Mentioned: Are My Kids On Track?

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