Shepherding Healthy Sleep Habits :: Jenn & Robin of Sleepy Cues [Ep 230]


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As parents, we want more of it, our children desperately need it, and oftentimes it feel like a mystery we can’t solve… it’s SLEEP. Getting children to have a consistent sleep pattern for night time and naps is one of the biggest challenge parents of young children face. My guests today, Robin and Jenn from SleepyCues, are professional sleep consultants. In this episode they share fantastic tips I wish I’d had when my kids were younger. We dive into the myths of sleep training and discuss strategies for staying consistent when responding to frequent wakers. People don't come to us out of a lack of information. You can find all this information for free on Google. But people come to us because they've “tried everything,” and it hasn't worked. And what that means is I read an article on Monday and I implemented it that night. But Tuesday I read something that said something different so I switched to that. Then Wednesday I decided to replace the paci, but Thursday I decided to unswaddle. We have so much information coming at us that really the missing piece is that consistency and making a plan and actually sticking with it. That's the hard part. Whether you are in the thick of it with small kids who won’t sleep, or have a friend who is, I hope this episode will encourage you that consistent sleep is possible for your children. It’s going to look different for each of your kids and it’s a lot of work, but hang in there and don’t mom alone! What we chat about: Meet the Sleepy Cues team- Robin Brient and Jenn Haskew Changing the narrative around the idea of sleep training Investigating various methods for soothing your children Each child is so different with what helps them get healthy rest How to identify if your child has specific sensory or physical needs with sleep Look at your child’s sleep needs as accomodations and not as coddling or crutches Swaddling methods and timelines for safe swaddling Co-sleeping recommendations and why coaching is key We can sabotage our efforts by constantly switching methods to try to get baby to sleep Try responding consistently to your child waking. Every time say or do the same thing till they surrender to sleep. How many hours of sleep kids need for restorative sleep Taking care of yourself is an important key to caring for your small children Baby wearing, slowing down schedules and reducing stimuli to increase sleep quality Seeking professional help for children with disabilities or sensory processing needs Strategies for taking care of a newborn when you have older kids Connect with SleepyCues: Links Mentioned: Here are a few of SleepyCues favorite on-the-go products (they are not paid to promote these, truly their faves): Carriers: Ergobaby or Kindercarry White noise (stationary & portable): Marpac hushh** Convertible Swaddles (great through all of the ages!): Love to Dream or Zipadee-Zip Intake form : **Amazon affiliate link: a portion of your purchase goes to support the production of this show. thank you! Featured Sponsor: Care/Of This year, make health and wellness a top priority with the help of Care/of’s monthly subscription vitamin service whether you’re focused on glowing skin, boosting your energy levels, getting more sleep, or generally being healthy Care/of’s fun, online quiz asks you about your diet, health goals, and lifestyle choices, and takes only 5 minutes to find out your personal scientifically-backed vitamin and supplement recommendations. Your personalized Care/of subscription box gets sent right to your door every month with personalized daily packs, great for a busy on-the-go lifestyle. A portion of every sale goes toward the GOOD+ Foundation, which provides expectant mothers in need with valuable prenatal vitamins Take advantage of this month’s special New Year offer! For 50% off your first month of personalized Care/of vitamins,

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