Discipline & Toddlers :: Hailey Bain & Meredith Woodruff [Ep 199]


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Discipline. It’s such an important part of parenting and so hard. But, we don’t have to be alone on the journey. Join me as I sit down with two moms of littles from my church, Meredith and Hailey. We chat about the common struggles and questions that come up in disciplining young kids. (Our kids) have the opportunity to be saved by grace through faith just like we were, not by works and not by good parenting. But, it’s the consistency of the love and the safety. And when you have that and they do confess faith then you have the Holy Spirit on your side to do the convicting. Here's the "pyramid" we reference several times in the interview: What we chat about: Discipline can be a struggle, but we’re not alone in this journey Ask yourself, “Will it matter in 10 years?” Focusing on making our children feel safe The child that’s annoying you the most, you should hug the most even though it’s the opposite of your instinct A lot of the anger that comes up in us as moms comes from unresolved issues in us, not just our kids’ behavior Mommy Time, getting intentional focused time with each child During the 0-5 ages, kids change so much it’s difficult to keep up with the huge developmental changes they are undergoing Leaning into the Holy Spirit when we need to make a decision in parenting to avoid letting fear and insecurity win It’s hard to know what the realistic expectations are for obedience at different ages Don’t sabotage the good in pursuit of the great Disciplining in public requires different tools, take steps to set your kids up to win Your kids will be saved by grace through faith and not through perfect parenting God’s kindness leads us to repentance, so we need to discipline with kindness as well Grace for parenting changes when you add a new baby to your family More Episodes on Discipline: Grace-Based Discipline :: Karis Kimmel Murray [Ep 150] Gospel Parenting :: Paul David Tripp [Ep 176] Connected Families-- ConnectedFamilies.org --Check out Episodes 80, 81, 98, 126) Anchoring Our Kids’ Lovability in Christ with Jeannie Cunnion [Ep91] How to {Really} Parent with Grace with Jeannie Cunnion [Ep 55] Loving Your “Different” Child with Sally and Nathan Clarkson [Ep 149] 10 Ways to Stop Meltdowns and Arguments with Kirk Martin [Ep 139] Solo Parenting/Perfectionist Kids/Tone of Voice with Kirk Martin [Ep 104] Summer (and Sibling) Survival Guide with Kirk Martin [Ep 77] Calmly Parenting the Strong-Willed Child with Kirk Martin[Ep 69] How to Stop Yelling, Lecturing and Power Struggles with Kirk Martin [Ep 62] Links Mentioned: Heartfelt Discipline by Clay Clarkson** Celebrate Recovery Recovery for Life book-- "Steps into God's Grace" by Lynn Hoffmann** Mommy Time Idea Amy McCready Making Easter Personal for Preschoolers **Amazon Affiliate link. At no extra cost to you a portion of your purchase will go back to support the God Centered Mom Podcast. Featured Sponsor: Phonics Museum Teaching children to read at a young age is one of the best things parents can do for children’s future academic success, but knowing how or where to start can be overwhelming and oftentimes confusing. The Phonics Museum takes the stress and guesswork out of teaching children to read by combining fun storytelling with a multi-sensory approach to learning to read. Every child has a unique learning style. At the Phonics Museum, we recognize this and teach “with the grain,” so whether your child is a hands-on kinesthetic learner or a visual or auditory learner, the Phonics Museum was built for them and includes over 900 games, videos, interactions, and memory songs to fit all learning styles. Children ages 3-7 will be transported into a magical interactive museum as they follow William and Wendy through the reading adventure of a lifetime. Everything comes to life at the Phonics Museum. Letters, sounds, paintings,

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