EP 101 - How Waking Up From Diet Culture Allows You To Find Food + Body Freedom w/ Tally Rye


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This week on the pod Laura speaks to Tally Rye - personal trainer, Girl Gains co-founder + host to multiple podcasts. They chat about Tally's relationship with food + her body and how this changed throughout drama school, training to be a PT, through to now.

In this episode they discuss:

✨ Comparison + feeling like the odd one out ✨ Broadening our idea of what it means to be fit + healthy ✨ The pressure + toxic messages around bodies at drama school ✨ Intoxicating external validation that comes from being tied up with 'the fit one' identity + how this is actually unhelpful ✨ The difference between saying the 'right' things online + actually believing it for yourself ✨ The freedom that can be found through self acceptance

Show Notes

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