EP 104 - How Intuitive Eating Helped Me Find Peace with My Body During Pregnancy w/ Kirstin Kade


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This week on the pod Laura's speaking to Kirstin Kade, Registered Associate Nutritionist and author of Taste and See Blog. As a mum-to-be, she has become more interested in the area of women's health in recent months - particularly relating to the pre-pregnancy (fertility), pregnancy, and postnatal periods - and hopes to support and encourage others who are curious about or navigating their way through these things themselves.

In this episode they discuss:

✨ How Kirstin's own relationship with food has evolved through finding Intuitive Eating to finding peace with food and her body and how pregnancy has affected this ✨ How to apply the principles of Intuitive Eating during pregnancy, particularly when navigating sickness, nausea + cravings ✨ How to manage (hopefully well-meaning) but unhelpful comments from others ✨ The effect that pregnancy and motherhood can have on body image + how to navigate this ✨

Show Notes

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