EP 107 - How Social Media Impacts Our Body Image w/ Dr Amy Slater of the Centre for Appearance Research


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This week on the pod Laura’s chatting to Dr Amy Slater, body image researcher at University of West England.

In this episode they discuss:

✨ Thin ideal internalisation + its physical and psychological consequences ✨ How social media holds certain body types up as the ideal + can leave us feeling dissatisfied ✨ The fact that labelling images as digitally altered is not actually helpful in reducing comparison + dissatisfaction and can actually backfire ✨ How advertising in traditional media + social media can impact body image ✨ That even positive feedback about appearance impacts negatively on our body image ✨ What social comparison is + how this has changed with social media ✨ The consequences of viewing fitspiration + self-objectification on Instagram ✨ How we can curate a social media feed that's supportive of positive body image

Show Notes

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