EP 112 - How to Navigate Your Relationship with Food When the World Tells You Your Body Is Wrong w/ Vaughn Darst


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In this week’s episode, I’m talking to Vaughn Darst, a public health dietitian specialising in paediatric and adolescent nutrition and eating disorders among under-served populations including trans and gender non-conforming youth, children on the autism spectrum and children with special healthcare needs. We discuss:

✨ Growing up in a world that tells you your body is wrong ✨ Experiencing medical fat phobia ✨ How not being able to express gender identity led to an ED ✨ How common narratives around transitioning often lack nuance ✨ Discussing the multifactorial aspects of health outside of weight ✨ The research on disordered eating in GNC and trans people ✨ The complicated reasons that eating disorders develop in these groups ✨ The unrealistic body image ideals placed on GNC and trans people ✨ Steps providers can take to provide gender affirming care

This episode is sponsored by Raising Intuitive Eaters, our online course for parents and carers who want to raise kids who have a healthy and happy relationship with food and their body.

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