EP 114: Challenging Diet Mentality in the Fitness Industry w/ Jake Gifford


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In this week’s episode, I’m talking to Jake Gifford, a.k.a The Phit Coach. Jake's an experienced personal trainer who's passionate about reframing fitness as a positive, equitable and inclusive experience. We discuss: ✨ How Jake came across the non-diet, HAES paradigm and the transition into practicing from a weight-inclusive perspective ✨ Challenging fat-phobia in the fitness industry ✨ How to detach movement from diet mentality and punishment ✨ How fitness professionals can switch their messaging and ✨ The social determinants of health and how they can shape our health ✨ Shifting our motivations for movement This episode is sponsored by Raising Intuitive Eaters, our online course for parents and carers who want to raise kids who have a healthy and happy relationship with food and their body. And don’t forget to use the code ‘DSMG50’ to receive £50 off all our online courses between now and 30th September 2019. {Jake on Instagram | Twitter | Website} {Don't Salt My Game Episode 76 Part 1 and Part 2 with Dr Oli Williams} {Don't Salt My Game Episode 102 with Poorna Bell} {Poorna Bell - How Weight Training Helped Me Find Inner Strength} {Open Letter to Fitness Instructors - Kathleen Meehan} {Get my book!! on Amazon | Waterstones | Foyles – I’ll share international links when they become available!} {SIGN UP TO OUR RAISING INTUITIVE EATERS ONLINE COURSE} {Workshops for Nutrition and Health Professionals} {Understanding Emotional Eating Edinburgh Workshop} {Just Eat It: Your Intuitive Eating Toolkit} {Leave a review for Just Eat It on Amazon} {Sign up for our newsletter} {Book in for Discovery Call w/ Jess or Laura at the London Centre for Intuitive Eating} {Follow us on Insta!}

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