Ep 115 - Let's Talk About Sex, Baby - Part 1 w/ Alix Fox, Sex Educator


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This week we're switching things up and talking about sexy things with Sex Educator, writer, and presenter Alix Fox. Alix is an advisor on the hit Netflix show 'Sex Education' and is giving us some BTS goss from the show, plus answering some listener questions on sex work and asexuality. Because this was such a massive 'sode, we've broken it down into two parts - Alix will be back answering more listener Qs next week!

In part one we discuss:

✨What Alix really thinks about the term 'sexpert' and the need for diversity in this space ✨Her involvement on the Netflix show Sex Education and where we can see her influence ✨What we can expect from Season 2 (no spoilers tho) ✨Why Sex Education seems half British and half American ✨Alix answers a question from a listener who wonders if they are asexual ✨Depression and libido ✨The spectrum of asexuality ✨Why sexual relationships portrayed in the media might put you off sex ✨Alix shares some thoughts on the complexities surrounding legislation of sex work and why that can't be understood without also looking at the social and economic circumstances surrounding sex work

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