EP 89 - Blowing the Lid Off Weight Science w/ Fiona Willer


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This week Laura's joined by Fiona Willer, HAES dietitian + PhD researcher, director of Health Not Diets + author of The Non Diet Approach Guidebook for Dietitians. They take a deep dive into the current evidence within the weight science arena, pulling it apart to figure out what we can learn from it + improvements that need to be made in research + clinical practice going forward.

In this episode they discuss:

✨ The historical inaccuracy of the paleo diet using Fiona's archeological knowledge ✨ Unpacking the evidence in weight science + how it's so important that we read it critically ✨ What "statistical unicorns" are + the problems w/ the National Weight Control Registry ✨ Weight bias in the context of Tess Holiday's Cosmo cover + why the term 'weight bias' is probably not very accurate ✨ Nuggets of wisdom for what to do if you know that diets don't work but your doctor tells you to lose weight ... again

Show Notes

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