EP 93 - Raising Kids w/ Healthy Relationships to Food + Bodies w/ Sarah Dempster


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In this killer ep Laura + Sarah, a Registered Nutritionist, jump into the world of child feeding + answer frequently asked parents' questions when it comes to raising intuitive eaters.

In this episode they discuss:

✨ How messages from diet culture + (mostly) well-intentioned friends + family can encourage kids to undermine their internal hunger + fullness cues ✨ Responsive feeding, the Division of Responsibility + how these approaches can help take the pressure of parents + carers ✨ What overt + covert control is + how they can lead to kids eating in the absence of hunger ✨ How to speak to kids about bodies in a helpful way ✨ How to come back from micromanaging kids' eating ✨ The fact that Sarah DOES sometimes take her kids to McDonald's

We want to reassure you that this isn't an episode where we tell you everything that you're doing wrong, and that if you have been engaging in some of the less helpful practices that it's never too late to introduce a different way of doing things!

Show Notes

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