EP74 - People With PCOS Can Totally Eat Birthday Cake - w/ Julie Duffy Dillon of PCOS & Food Peace


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Have you been told that you need to lose weight and cut carbs to manage your PCOS symptoms? That's the advice a lot of people get, problem is, that can be super triggering for anyone who has a history of disordered eating or who wants to build a healthy relationship to food. But don't sweat, I'm joined by non-diet dietitian and PCOS genius Julie Duffy Dillon to talk about how to manage your PCOS from a non-diet, non-restrictive perspective. In this episode we discuss:

✨ What PCOS is ✨ Why dieting and cutting carbs don't work for PCOS ✨ What the research does (and doesn't!) show ✨ Which supplements and medicine can be helpful ✨ How to handle cravings w/o getting into a binge restrict cycle ✨ The importance of sleep + stress management ✨ Inflammation + omega 3s ✨ Movement + exercise ✨ Protein, carbs, + gentle nutrition

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