EP75 Diet-binge-diet-binge-diet-binge w/ Isabel Foxen Duke of Stop Fighting Food


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IFD is health coach, creator of the Stop Fighting Food programme and all round BA. Today she shares her story of being a chronic dieter and how she recovered from 'compulsive overeating'. Isabel has tried every diet in the book, and all the diets pretending not to be diets. She even turned Intuitive Eating into a diet (which she doesn't recommend). In this episode, Isabel shares some of the insights that made her stop feeling crazy around food, and some things that might help you! In this episode we discuss:

✨ Why control + willpower aren't what helps you break out of the diet-binge cycle ✨ Why you can't fall off the wagon if there is no wagon ✨ Why learning about set point weight theory, Health at Every Size and Fatphobia are important in recovering from disordered eating ✨ The 'love yourself thin' diet you need to watch out for ✨ How not to turn intuitive eating into a diet ✨ How hunger, fullness, and 'overeating' are pathologised by diet culture

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