EP85 - {Summer Shorts} What the eff is the deal with Intuitive Eating? w/ Laura Thomas, PhD


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Intuitive Eating; what’s the deal? What is it? How the eff do you do it? What are the benefits? Where do I start? Today, it's just me, covering some of my most frequently asked questions in this week's (not so) Summer Short. I talk about: ✨What exactly is disordered eating and why a definition based purely on behaviours is unhelpful ✨A little of the history of Intuitive Eating ✨Where to start and where to get more support ✨The 10 principles of Intuitive Eating ✨The evidence based benefits of Intuitive Eating

Show Notes:{PRE-ORDER MY BOOK!! on Amazon | Waterstones | Foyles - I'll share international links when they become available!} {Intuitive Eating Infographic} {Intuitive Eating By Tribole & Resch} {Why 'Refined Sugar Free' is not a thing!} {The truth about food addiction post | podcast} {Interview with Evelyn Tribole} {Intuitive Eating Studies: Review, Review, Review, Systematic Review (not a meta-analysis 🙈), Systematic Review}

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