James Haskell: Nutrition


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Nutrition is crucial for fitness. Whether you want to put on muscle or lose weight, what you eat will largely dictate how successful you’re going to be. This week, Simon Mundie sits down with England rugby international James Haskell who has written two cookbooks. They discuss the key nutrition rules that apply however active you are, and go deep into a subject Simon is also passionate about. Topics covered include a close look at the different macros- carbs, protein and fats- and how much of each you should be having at each meal. They talk about what are the best sources of protein, and why getting enough can be hard if you are a vegetarian, and the importance of carbs if you are training hard. They also cover gut health, probiotics and prebiotics, the importance of fibre and the problem with ready meals. James is a big fan of weighing food so you know exactly the calories you are taking in, and convinces Simon to get onboard, while Simon gets James interested in the probiotic powerhouse kefir. They talk about how much fruit and veggies we should be eating and when, as well as getting into meaty topics like hair transplants, English arrogance, the national anthem and what it’s like having Richard and Judy Madeley as in-laws. Do get in touch @simonmundie

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