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THE DOOMED & STONED SHOW Season 4, Episode 11 Got a real treat for you Doomers & Stoners this week! Billy Goate brings you an interview with a band that is really making a name for themselves in the heavy underground: Psychic Dose! Recently, the Florida foursome released their third album, 'Maleficium Volume 1: Death of the Sorcerer' (2018 - Forsaken Records), and in this edition of The Doomed & Stoned Show, they unravel this strange saga of good vs. evil track by track as we listen to the record in its entirety! PLAYLIST: 1. Intro (00:00) 2. Host Segment I (00:25) 3. Psychic Dose - Conjuration (02:42) 4. Host Segment II (04:48) 5. Psychic Dose - Cemetery Road (08:11) 6. Host Segment III (20:43) 7. Psychic Dose - Satyr's Seed (23:21) 8. Host Segment IV (29:57) 9. Psychic Dose - Curse of the Witchhunter (31:36) 10. Host Segment V (37:52) 11. Psychic Dose - The Wizard's Council (38:46) 12. Host Segment VI (44:46) 13. Psychic Dose - Bound To The Bog (45:37) 14. Host Segment VII (51:33) 15. Psychic Dose - Death of the Sorcerer (51:54) 16. Host Segment VIII (1:0035) 17. Psychic Dose - The Banishing (1:03:18) 18. Outro (1:12:28) Check out the Doomed & Stoned review of 'Maleficium Volume 1' on our bitchin' lil blog: Follow The Band: Get Their Music: If you enjoy these podcasts, please consider supporting The Doomed & Stoned Show monthly on Patreon. "High on Fiver" patrons get an exclusive podcast each month with Billy Goate's choice cuts from recent releases! Visit to pledge your support. Dig deeper into the music and the stories of the heavy underground at and check out our ongoing scene compilation series at!

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