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THE DOOMED & STONED SHOW ~Season 5, Episode 43~ On this episode, we tap once again into the rich well of early American science fiction television to bring you the story of the 'Appointment on Mars' from Tales of Tomorrow, which ran from 1951-1953. Three astronauts (one a young Leslie Nielsen) arrive on the Red Planet, not to advance science as much as to search for riches -- uranium, to be exact. When they find the mother lode, petty suspicions and annoyances lead to a fracture in the cohesiveness of the team, with tragic results. Is an extraterrestrial entity to blame? Find out this week on The Doomed & Stoned Show, with a selection of music by Aleph Null, Black Asteroids, Cities of Mars, Demon Head, Cosmonaut Fuzz, Electric Wizard, Holy Monitor, Jucifer, Jukebox Monkey, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, and Mars Red Sky. PLAYLIST: CRACKING BEERS ON THE RED PLANET (00:00) 1. Aleph Null - "Mars Father" (01:30) ALL THERE IS? (07:52) 2. Cosmonaut Fuzz - "Mars, The Future and The Past" (10:11) DISCOVERING URANIUM (17:06) 3. King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - "Mars For The Rich" (19:23) TEMPERS FLARE (23:36) 4. Holy Monitor - "Fields of Mars" (26:28) BEING WATCHED (34:04) 5. Cities of Mars - "Lines in the Dark" (36:28) CASE OF THE MISSING RABBIT'S FOOT (42:07) 6. Black Asteroids - "Mars" (43:37) THIS GUN STAYS WITH PAPA (49:31) 7. Mars Red Sky - "Hovering Satellites" (51:20) NIGHTFALL (56:56) 8. Electric Wizard - "Mountains of Mars" (57:42) MARTIANS! (1:01:31) 9. Jucifer - "Champ de Mars" (1:02:56) ACCUSATIONS (1:06:48) 10. Jukebox Monkey - "Death on Mars" (1:09:11) PHANTOMS OF MARS (1:13:30) 11. Demon Head - "Rivers of Mars" (1:14:17) (thumbnail: Team SEArch+/Apis Cor) ----------------------------- Enjoying the show? Become a patron! Visit to become a monthly 'High on Fiver' supporter and receive exclusive shows each month focused on brand new music. ------------------------------

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