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THE DOOMED & STONED SHOW ~Season 5, Episode 40~ Continuing our summer-long Doomed Cinema series, we turn our attention to one of the earliest sci-fi television series ever produced, Tales Of Tomorrow (1951-53). In the episode 'Dark Angel,' a wife discloses to her husband that she is developing mental and physical powers beyond his reckoning and decides to leave him. This is her story and the story of others like her, a new kind of being -- more human than the human. PLAYLIST: NIGHTCAP (00:03) 1. Lamassu - "Chokehold Companion" (02:06) STRANGE POWERS (08:40) 2. sHEAVY - "Humanoid" (10:41) NEW KIND OF HUMAN (14:32) 3. Apostle of Solitude - "Push Mortal Coil" (16:46) SIGHTING (22:07) 4. Spirit Caravan - "So Mortal Be" (23:39) BERKELEY (27:15) 7. Mammoth Salmon - "Mortals" THE CLOVER CLUB 6. Chrome Ghost - "Rose Water Drowning" KILLING THE MUTANT 7. O Zorn! - "Casket" CANNOT BE STOPPED 8. Ancient Spell - "Fall of Humanity" *if you dig the music, please show the bands some love! Become a Doomed & Stoned supporter and get an exclusive mix of choice cuts from new and forthcoming releases every month! Visit to pledge your support! (thumbnail: Simon Bisley's Paradise Lost: "Satan’s Fall")

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