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THE DOOMED & STONED SHOW Season 5, Episode 16 This episode is another in our Doomed Cinema series and features a selection of music inspired by an obscure documentary called 'Madness & Medication' (1977), which explores the then emerging treatments of electroconvulsive therapy and psychosurgery. There were worries about the rampant and unchecked experimentation happening on the mentally ill and these potent fears, along with the stigma of mental illness itself, was the subject of a well-known film from the same time period: 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest' (1975). To match the mood, Billy Goate has cobbled together dark and twisted selections by Cough, High on Fire, Pallbearer, Saint Vitus, Thou, Usnea, and more. PLAYLIST THE PAIN OF MADNESS (00:00) Bloody Panda - “Hashira” (01:04) BETWEEN SANITY & INSANITY(09:42) Saint Vitus - “In The Asylum” (09:57) HERE WE GO (18:09) ÅRABROT - “Murder” (18:37) Aseethe - “Sever The Head (Part II)” (20:05) A SHOCKED MIND (23:56) Usnea - “Demon Haunted World” (24:34) Cult of Occult - “Ni” (31:09) NO ONE HAS DIED…YET (43:59) Undersmile - “The Unthinkable” (44:38) ECT (56:28) Thou - “Terrible Lie” (NIN Cover) (57:11) High on Fire - “Madness of an Architect (1:01:19) NO ONE KNOWS (1:08:18) Brainoil - "Preface to Madness” (1:09:27) KOOK - “Frequency 8” (1:14:00) LOBOTOMY (1:21:42) Valborg - “Anomalie” (1:22:29) Ov Moros - “Madness” (1:26:40) PSYCHOSURGERY (1:32:07) TRANZAT - “Hopeless Skies” (1:32:39) ORBITAL UNDERCUTTING (1:41:56) Hössferatu - “Hand of Madness” (1:42:47) Pallbearer - “Dancing in Madness” (1:44:00) PLAYING GOD (1:55:48) 71TONMAN - “Torment” (1:56:33) As I Die At My Desk - “Skin” (2:05:45) FOR BETTER OR WORSE (2:14:07) Yarrow - “Well Worn Zero” (2:15:03) WHAT DO WE ACTUALLY KNOW? (2:31:20) COUGH - “Mind Collapse” (2:32:04) Chalice of Suffering - “Whispers of Madness” (2:44:12) SOME SAY IT’S EXPERIMENTAL (2:50:42) Weird Tales - “Madness” (2:51:16) Doomster Reich - “Midnight of Madness” (3:02:00) FINALLY, IT’S OVER (3:11:52) Khanate - “Fields” (3:12:30) LAST WORD (3:32:21) *If you dig the music, please support the bands. *Big thanks to our High on Fiver patrons for supporting the show. You're monthly rewards are incoming! Find out how you can become a patron of the podcast at (thumbnail by Gustave Dore)

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