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THE DOOMED & STONED SHOW ~Season 5, Episode 41~ For generations, mankind has obsessed over unidentified flying objects. With the advent of mass media, reported sightings of UFOs mushroomed and it was a favorite theme of science fiction periodicals, comic books, and early television. Enter: Tales of Tomorrow, the earliest adult night-time sci-fi television show, with writers that would later grace The Twilight Zone. In this episode of The Doomed & Stoned Show, we revisit 'The Search For The Flying Saucer' which aired November 9th, 1951. Plot: "Army pilot Vic Russo, grounded after reporting an encounter with a UFO, is determined to prove flying saucers exist. He travels to a remote New Mexico town to investigate reports of alien craft, but the locals clam up when he brings up the subject. All except Crazy John, an old coot who offers to lead Vic to their landing site." Featuring music by Astodeath, Coroza, Dö, Godsleep, Slomatics, Space Wax, Spelljammer, and The Sword. 🔥 PLAYLIST 🔥 STRANGER IN TOWN (00:00) 1. The Sword - "The Warp Riders" (03:00) CRAZY JOHN (06:58) 2. Astrodeath - "Cosmic Outlaw" (08:31) PROOF? (12:36) 3. Slomatics - "Ancient Architects" (15:22) EVERYWHERE (23:36) 4. Dö - "Atmosfear" (25:32) INVESTIGATION (31:23) 5. Space Wax - "Intergalactic Caravan Party" (32:41) THE CABIN (38:47) 6. Godsleep - "Celestial" (40:56) EXPEDITION (47:21) 7. Spelljammer - "Aun's Mountain" (49:47) ALIEN LOVER (59:29) 8. Coroza - "Iron From The Sky" (1:02:04) *if you dig the music, please show the bands some love! 🤘 🤘 🤘 Now you can support the show by becoming a patron. 'High on Fiver' supporters will get an exclusive mix each month of Billy Goate's choice cuts from the new releases + access to a deep archive of past shows and rewards. Visit: today!

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