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THE DOOMED & STONED SHOW ~Season 5, Episode 52~ This has got to be one of the strangest disasterpieces of underground horror we've yet encountered. I speak of the 1977 B-movie The Demon Lover (aka The Devil Master), a central Michigan production from directors Jerry Younkins and Donald G. Jackson, who went on to be involved in no less than 40 other films (though arguably none as charmingly bad as this!). The main antagonist is Laval Blessing, leader of a coven of curious occultists who don't realize just how serious Laval is about the Craft. When he is spurned by his followers, Laval summons a hideous demon who goes on a bloody rampage, killing the former coven members one by one! The show features audio excerpts guiding the listener through its narrative, with musical interludes inspired by the film. Happy Halloween! PLAYLIST I WILL HAVE WHAT I WANT (00:00) 1.The Neptune Power Federation - "Flying Incendiary Club for Subjugating Demons" (01:30) ALL THE WAY (06:19) 2. Royal Sons - "The Devil's Knockin'" (08:09) METAPHYSICAL B.S. (13:02) 3. The Gun - "Race With The Devil" (15:26) SUMMONING (19:01) 4.Your Highness - "Devil's Delight" (21:11) THE DEVIL MADE ME DO IT (25:59) 5. Zodiac - "A Bit Of Devil" (27:47) I'M REALLY SCARED (32:23) 6. Restless Spirit - "Devils" (34:33) SOMETHING I GOTTA DO (39:02) 7. Dogbane - "Devil's Tramping Ground" (40:05) BLACK MAGIC WEIRDOS (44:09) 8. Of Deities and Dust - "Devil's Advocate" (45:47) THESE STRANGE RELIGIOUS MEETINGS (51:20) 9. Emerald - "Devil's Law" (53:53) STAY AWAY FROM THIS COVEN BUSINESS (59:56) 10. Barn Burner - "Blade Master" (1:00:43) DRUGS & ROCK 'N' ROLL (1:06:04) 11.Twin Temple - "The Devil (Didn't Make Me Do It)" (1:06:38) DEMON ATTACK (1:11:19) 12. Wytch Hazel - "The Devil Is Here" (1:12:15) THE MASSACRE (1:15:59) 13. Saint Karloff - "At The Mountains of Loudness" (1:17:36) NEVER THOUGHT IT WOULD END LIKE THIS (1:28:42) 14. Uncle Acid & the deadbeats - "I'll Cut You Down" (1:29:18) GET THE BASTARD! (1:34:15) 15. Kadavar - "The Devil's Master" (1:35:07) NO TIME TO BE A SISSY! (1:40:14) 16. High on Fire - "Devilution" (1:41:29) THE MASTER OF DARKNESS WELCOMES YOU (1:46:16) 17. Void of Sleep - "The Devil's Conjuration" (1:47:32) SEE YOU IN HELL! (1:51:31) 18. Electric Wizard - "Supercoven" (1:52:33) Ways To Listen: ▶️Spotify ▶️Google Play ▶️Apple ▶️Soundcloud ▶️Mixcloud

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