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THE DOOMED & STONED SHOW ~Season 5, Episode 44~ The first official day of Fall has arrived and with it the promise of rain, but none has seen rain like the East Coast of the US in 1953, which Tales of Tomorrow brought the strange story, "World of Water." A scientist named Dr. Franz Kramer, disaffected by the world around him, experiments with a solvent that can turn all matter into water. Rejected by the one he loves and bitter by his niece's death in an atomic explosion, he strategically plants 50 vials of the solvent in major cities, creating voracious pools of water that deluge all who dare to stand against his powers. Featuring a doomy selection of music by Anciients, Deafheaven, Domkraft, Khemmis, Krypts, March Funebre, Wight, Yashira, and Yob. ************************************** PLAYLIST: MISSING MADMAN (00:00) 1. Anciients - "Flood and Fire" (02:05) HOPELESS AFFECTION (09;22) 2. Khemmis - "Antediluvian" (13:00) BIG BROTHER COMES KNOCKING (19;00) 3. Domkraft - "Flood" (21:27) SPURNED (26:59) 4. Yashira - "Redact (Flood)" (29:33) DISASTER AWAITS (33:32) 5. Deafheaven - "Brought to the Water" (35:04) THEY ARE GOING TO PAY (43:43) 6. Krypts - "Sinking Transient Waters" (46:52) 50 VIALS (54:17) 7. Wight - "Kiss Your Friends Goodbye" (57:27) ESCAPE (1:03:49) 8. Yob - "Adrift In The Ocean" (1:04:38) TOO LATE (1:18:11) 9. Marche Funebre - "Lullaby of Insanity" (1:20:12) *if you dig the music, please show the bands some love! (thumbnail: 'Deluge' by John Martin) ************************************** Now you can support the program by becoming a 'High on Fiver' patron! Each month, you'll get a multi-hour mix of new music, carefully curated by Billy Goate, editor of Doomed & Stoned. Visit to get started! ***************************************

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