168 - William Byron & Elliott Sadler: The Student Becomes the Teacher


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Former JR Motorsports teammates William Byron and Elliott Sadler join Brett Griffin, T.J. Majors, Freddie Kraft, Casey Boat, and Jason Schultz to cover everything from iRacing to learning blackjack. Byron discusses his performance in Sunday’s Pro Invitational Series race, how long it took him to calm down after the loss and whether he will dish out payback next week. Sadler catches us up on retired life and his eagerness to learn from Byron and start iRacing. Plus the gang covers T.J. spotting for Dale Jr. and missing the first 15 laps, Timmy Hill’s big win and Daniel Suarez vs Ty Dillon. A Coronavirus schedule shakeup creates the first NASCAR/IndyCar doubleheader at Indianapolis in July and the guys react. Have the spotters ever told their drivers to shut up and drive? That questioned gets answered along with much more.

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