EP 038 How to Build a Million Dollar E-Commerce Company with Connor Gillivan


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Our Guest:

Connor Gillivan is a 27 year old serial entrepreneur. He co-founded his first company selling textbooks on Amazon from his college dorm room and built it to sell over $20 million. After building a team of over 60 people, he co-founded FreeeUp, an online hiring marketplace making the process of finding reliable freelancers easier for businesses. His book, Free Up Your Business, is an Amazon bestseller and shares 50 secrets how he's built his companies.


From starting a multimillion dollar company in sales from his dorm room to founding a company with a team of 60 people, today we have our guest Connor Gillivan.

A few highlights of what you will hear:

  • Connor’s journey from where he started.
  • Started his first business during college.
  • What dropshipping is.
  • How he co-founded FreeeUp.
  • What his responsibilities are for his company.
  • His best selling book, Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies.
  • How he hit Amazon bestseller for his book.
  • Where FreeeUp is going in the future.

Impactful Quotes from Connor:

“We were selling all kinds of products -- you name it we were probably selling it at one point.”

“It allows you to have inventory online without actually holding it, which gives you a great opportunity to test different products.”

“We came to the conclusion that we didn't like the solutions that were out there, because of the time it took.”

“Writing a book and being able to offer advice to other people in the business is what we wanted to do.”

“That's what I am strategizing, figuring out the best way to continue to get consistent sales.”

“Each Friday of every week I would spend about 4-5 hours of writing the book.”

“This year we are on pace to do around 3-4 million dollars in sales.”

“We have around 1500 clients signed up on our platform on a weekly basis.”

“Our goal is to keep growing it consistently.”

Featured Quote:

“It always seem impossibly until it's done.” -Nelson Mandela

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