Social Distancing to Self Communing


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During this corona virus pandemic - I wanted to share my feelings and my thoughts with you all. This is a very organic raw episode where I am sharing my thoughts as they come along with no editing....just going straight for approx 40 mins on what I felt like sharing with you all - so please keep in mind this is a very authentic organic sharing I have done in this episode.

This episode is sharing my own personal journey towards my higher Self influenced by the teachings of my Guru Paramahansa Yogananda.

In this episode I talk about -

1) How to utilize this "precious" quarantine time and maximize it for our own well-being

2) Prayer is the highest form of Charity!

3) How "emotional leeches" can be a BIG roadblock in our journey to knowing our higher Self

4) How to simplify life - by simplifying our thoughts - words -actions in our own life!

5) Take assessment of our "wants" and "needs" in life!

6) How to carve time out for daily Meditation and Communing with our higher Self

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