150: Blade Runner, Mac And Me Get Redemption in 2049


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Every 50 episodes, Double Edged Double Bill likes to celebrate! Given Adam & Thomas have two good and two bad picks to choose from every week, one pairing goes on and another gets left in the dust. However, for milestones like episode 150, two films from the rubbish pile are given a chance at redemption! First, McDonalds tries to get on the E.T. money train with Mac & Me! Then, a sci-fi classic gets a worthy sequel after three decades in Blade Runner 2049! Together, our duo answers the important questions. Does every McDonalds have an hourly dance competition? How much acting is Jared Leto really doing? Which two films will they choose for next week's return to video game inspired films? Well, grab your Coke products and ponder the nature of humanity to find out!

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