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Ryan Serhant is one of the most successful real estate icons in the world. In this episode, the king of real estate drops in to Brooklyn for a visit with the Crown Prince.
This show explores my fascinating life working and building our family dentistry biz in the heart of Brooklyn NY -- with my entire family! That's right! It's tight quarters and never dull at our growing family business. My mom and dad are both incredible dental specialists...my middle brother Jeffrey is a talented periodontist...my expertise is in cosmetic dentistry -- and my youngest brother Brandon is the tech genius who helped put us all on the map.
Episodes of the show will include me sharing more than a decade of dental health knowledge and expertise to help you live your live to the fullest...myth-busting facts about good oral hygiene products and routines... as well as inspirational stories with my fascinating patients from around the world who include legendary hip hop artists, professional athletes and amazing people who live in our Bensonhurst neighborhood. I hope you'll join me!
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