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How Meditation Can Benefit Your Business

“The greatest product to produce is the highest version of yourself.” - Awakening Book

My Personal stories of how meditation has benefited my biz and personal life:

It was the modality that helped me discover my true purpose and calling.

Helps me handle stress

The moment you label something as positive or negative you experience a negative or positive feeling.

Helps me to stay focused

It has developed my leadership skills

Leadership Skills:

Innovation: Links the right and left hemisphere and awakens the infinite innovator within. Shifts problems into opportunities.

Communication: I stopped taking things personally. I’m no longer afraid to confront issues. My self-love and self-confidence is much higher, which has helped me be able to powerfully communicate. Today I am able to take critical feedback.

Positivity: When I would go into meditation all problems would resolve and I would be able to carry that throughout my day.

Motivation: True motivation is inspiration, meditation is the ultimate source.

Organization: Setting my intention every morning sets my day on fire. Helps me prioritize and my attention deficit disorder to not kick in.

“You are not here to win the rat race of materialism, you are here to experience the depths of your soul in form.”

Other Benefits:

Increases mental strength & focus

Increases memory retention & recall

Better cognitive skills & creative thinking

Better decision making & problem-solving

Better information processing

Helps ignore distractions

Helps manage ADHD

Lowers stress, depression, and loneliness.

Enhances self-esteem

Increases optimism

Helps develop positive social connections

DAILY UNIVERSAL LAW: Today we align with LAW OF CIRCULATION: All of life is an exchange of energy, a flow of giving and receiving. This is the current of Consciousness at an expanding rate, multiplied abundantly. Through this dynamic exchange, the Universe instantaneously responds to what you give to life. You reap what you sow

DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Practice Meditation, take 10 minutes today to sit in silence.

DAILY CHALLENGE: Be of service



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