Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy Interview Roger Troy Wilson Author of Let's Do Lunch, An Amazing and True Weight Loss Story

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We're trying something new. First we will podcast our show in it’s entirety then we’ll release just the guest interviews during the week. So please click on the POD button to listen to Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy learn all about how to lose weight while Doing Lunch with Roger Troy Wilson.
Roger was retired by 41 as a millionaire. He might of been rich but he was also extremely overweight. He tipped the scales at over 2 Fat Guys, in fact he weighed 430 pounds. He says he had a 62 inch waist when he was at his heaviest. Which by the way, is taller than Dr Fitness. He tried every diet, he even had his wife gain weight in order to join weight watchers so he could get their diet plan.
Then, almost miraculously, he discovered the start of an eating program that might work for him. He ate his son’s frozen grapes and then swapped them for his nightly bags of chips and dip. In only a few weeks he had lost 20 pounds. Little by little he started eating loads of fruits, vegetables and lean meats...Even starchy vegetables – the ones the low-carb plans didn’t allow. He was consuming 1000's of calories a day, more than any diet had allowed. Better yet? There were no points, no food scales, no reading labels or counting carbs. All real foods and REAL portions. Roger stumbled on a diet that made him“Feel Full Faster and Longer?. His book, Lets Do Lunch, shares his story and his recommendation for the foods you should be eating in order to lose weight. these are foods that bypass the stomach and go right to the colon.

An amazing weight loss story - Roger has lost 230 pounds and kept them off for years now. He is offering Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy listeners a special deal if you mention us when you order. Please go to Roger's website www.letsdolunch.com for lots of great info and to order his book.

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