Lose Weight, Stop Smoking and Start Exercising. The New Years Resolution Show 2007 With Dr. Melina, Dr. Varada And Dr. Fitness

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On tonight's show, Doctor Fitness and the Fat Guy get the skinny about how to stick to your Top New Year's resolutions from Discovery Network's Fit TV's "Diet Doctor" Dr. Melina Jampolis and Atlanta's top Stop Smoking expert Dr. Varada Divgi.

Dr. Melina took time out from promoting her brand new book "The No Time To Lose Diet" to share some of her top weight loss tips. Be sure to check her out this Friday, January 12 on the Regis and Kelly show. She is also a regular contributor to www.vivmag.com, the first digital only, interactive women's lifestyle magazine. Dr. Melina is one of only 200 physician nutrition specialist, so she knows what she talking about when it comes to losing weight. She said her said her top tip for our listeners who want to lose weight would be to never have an all or nothing mentality when it comes to your diet. Avoid super restrictive diets that require you to radically change how you normally eat. She said that just sets you up to fail. Be sure to check out her website www.drmelina.com to learn more about her book, her nutritional products and her blog.

We also had on Dr. Varada who passionately spoke about the importance of quitting smoking. Dr. Varada has seen first hand the damaging effects from smoking during her decades working as a pulmonologist. She was the first pediatric pulmonologist in Atlanta in 1981. Now she runs the Smoking and Tobacco Addiction Relief Center in Atlanta. She uses a low level laser therapy to help people quit smoking. To get more information about her program go to her website www.quitsmoke.us

Dr. Fitness had some really good tips about how to get the most out of your workout in 2007. Here are a few of Dr. Fitness' tips...Number 1, get your workout done early in the day. Number 2, pick an activity that you love to do. And Number 3, get a partner...you will slip up, lose interest and have setbacks...a partner watches your back to get you back on track. There was a lot more from Dr. Fitness, so you will have to listen to the show to find out all the rest of these great tips. And I'm sure he'll post all the tips on his blog.

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