Nordic Walk With Leki. Exercise Tips From FitSugar. Holiday Gadgets From CrunchGear. And Play The Fitness Challenge

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First, before we start a quick shout out to our friends at Holey Donuts, the healthiest donuts out there. They have been honored by Daily Candy as one of the top 3 products of 2007. So please go to and vote for them so they can win it all.
On tonight's show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy get the skinny about nordic walking from the makers of the finest walking poles, Leki. Suzanne Nottingham joined us from high in the mountains to tell us all about Leki, pronounced Lake-ee, by the way. Suzanne shared lots of reasons to add these amazing walking and hiking poles to your walk or hike. They keep you more stable on the trail and they give you a better workout on the street. You will burn more calories and definitely stand out from the crowd when you whip your Leki's out. For more information on Leki and their products go to and for more information about the benefits of nordic walking please go to
Next up we had on Sweet Susi May from FitSugar. As usual, Susi had lots of great diet and health tips. first she informed the Fat Guy which restaurants to avoid in the food court and which fast food places are safe to indulge in. She said to avoid the cinnamon rolls and and the fried foods. She says she even brings healthy snacks with her when she goes to the mall. Then she and Dr fitness got into a spirited game of who knows more compound exercises. They both agreed that compound exercises are the way to go for faster more effective workouts. For more great tips about exercise and fitness everyday, please go to her website
Next we had a return engagement with Vicky Sorenson, the creator of the Fitness Challenge. The Fitness Challenge is a great game where you make a fitness wager with someone for 8 weeks. The game allows you to easily keep track of your progress and the winner not only gets into better shape and drops some weight but they might also get an ipod or some other great prize. You see you make a wager with your competition to make it a little more interesting. Vicky said that some local communities have adopted her game as way to encourage healthier living. For more information go to her website You can pick up the game there or at Amazon. This is a great way to get your family fit check it out!
And finally we had on our favorite gadget guru, John Biggs from CrunchGear and Running Gear Review. John is always checking out the latest gadgets to help you make better buying decisions. As usual John had a huge list of must have fitness products. We talked about gps devices, the wii fit, amazing wrist watches, dvr's and a whole lot more. You should be checking our his websites everyday that is a must read. And runners you better check out
Dr Fitness had his own list of must have fitness products including: the swimp3, the stress eraser, the sleeptracker and more. You'll have to listen to get the rest of his tips.
Please continue making Dr Fitness jealous by following the Fat Guy on Twitter. As we've mentioned anyone can follow the Fat Guy's eating exploits on Twitter. Food journals are great ways to lose weight and the Fat Guy is always trying crazy things in order to lose those last 20 pounds. So you can now peek into his food diary. That's right, moments after he eats something the Fat Guy Twitters about it and you can follow him so that one day if you try real hard you too can look like the Fat Guy. Please go to to see exactly what the fat guy eats. We now have literally dozens of people who are following him so please join in.
Hot mom, Kathie Larkin was in the studio lending her thoughts and laughter. You know Kathie as the host of Real Savvy Moms. Real Savvy Moms is a great show for hot moms, fat moms, all kinds of moms and is available on most PBS' around the US and online. Remember Kathie is one of the top feet and legs model's out there... she is so hot she got to be a body double for Alyssa Milano in that Veet commercial that is on TV 24 hours a day. Be sure to check out Kathie's website Also check out her hosting skills on
Remember we are now on every morning in Michigan. On radio station WKNW. They asked us to create a Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy "Wellness Minute." So now a new Wellness Minute runs on that station each morning at around 7:40. Each Wellness Minute features the doctor and I going over 5 of his best tips on a given wellness subject like: losing weight, getting in shape, living a healthy lifestyle, etc. We're working on ways to make those tips available to all our listeners. If you have a favorite radio station that you think would benefit from our Wellness Minutes send them an email telling them about it and who knows maybe you can hear us everyday too.
Also once again, I need you to please do me a favor. My kid Max has been doing a radio show called "Kid Power Radio" for awhile now and you should check it out. Tiffany from The Daily Candy called his family friendly radio show "Hilarious!" This is a great show for your kids. It is kind of like a kids version of David Spade's "Showbiz Show" on Comedy Central or Entertainment Tonight mixed in with a little Wayne's World. Max recaps the week in entertainment and gives his take and review of what he liked and didn't like on TV, at the movies, video games, in books and in music and even restaurant reviews. Please go to his site and download the show for your kid. He had a big show recently he interviewed Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. And if your kid sends Max an email he'll read it on the air next week. The show can be found at and you can email Max at RadioStarMax at He has gotten emails from kids from England, Australia, China and even the US. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Thanks to you his show is rocketing up the charts!!!
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