Sue Fleming Star of Buff Brides Shares Her Best Wedding Weight Loss Tips. Tiffany from Daily Candy Shares Sweet Exercise Gear

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On tonight's show Dr Fitness and the Fat Guy learn all about how to get in shape for your wedding from the star of Buff Brides Sue Fleming.

Fitness expert Sue Fleming is the creator of the Buff Fitness® workout regimen. The program’s popularity led to a critically acclaimed reality TV series – Buff Brides – on Discovery Health Channel, still in reruns on Fit TV. Sue’s new Buff line of workout DVDs are based on her Random House/Villard book series, which includes Buff Brides, Buff Moms, Buff Moms-to-Be, and Fashionably Buff.

Sue is the newest celebrity trainer to join the roster of ExerciseTV, a new multi-platform television network dedicated to fitness, motivation and sports training. Segments from each of Sue’s Buff workout DVDs can be viewed free on-demand by all Comcast, Time Warner and Cox digital cable customers.

Sue, a naturally competitive athlete, instinctively knew the better the bride looked and felt out of her clothes, the more magical she would look (and feel!) while donning the breath-taking couture creation of her fantasy wedding. And so was born the Buff Fitness regimen. Far more than another cleverly packaged brand, Fleming has brought a sense of steadfast teamwork to a results oriented regimen that has grown into a global health and fitness empire.

A native of New York’s Long Island, Fleming found her calling early on as she yearned for the camaraderie of team sports first at Riverhead High School and later while attending Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, where she earned her Masters. This proved to be particularly challenging in an era when women in sports were still a relative rarity. “I was so grateful for women like Chris Evert and Billie Jean King, as they proved that women could be strong and athletic…and win!? recalls Fleming.

Sue says that whether you have six days or six months you can make a huge difference in the way you look and feel. The real challenge however is to maintain it for 60 years. That’s where Sue takes over. Dedicated to working with clients to overcome their fears of fitness and body image, Sue develops the most important muscle of all…self-esteem.

Rather than resting on her well-toned laurels, Sue sees endless possibilities in bringing her message of fitness to the world. That’s why Sue wants women to understand that a fitness regimen is not a quick fix, but a long-term way of life.

A popular fixture in the media... USA Today, Cosmopolitan and InStyle Weddings not to mention a sought after guest on ABC TV’s Good Morning America learn more about Sue on her website

We started the show off with one of our good friends Tiffany Davis, Atlanta Editor of the Daily Candy. Tiffany shared with our listeners some of the hottest exercise gear choices out there. First she lead off with then she got into and their hip new designs by some guy with a foreign sounding name which must be good. Then she closed with Check them all out yourself and be sure to sign up for the Daily Candy for all the latest and greatest news in fashion and fun

Dr Fitness' Fitness Tips this week were about how to work out on low or no budget. First get a Jump Snap, Then Get a perfect Push up. Then try a swiss ball. There were a bunch more but you'll have to listen. Or you can get his tips every day at our new website or on iTunes here. Or our blog
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