6 Habits that Damage your thyroid (that you aren't aware of)


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Just like there are habits that can HELP your thyroid there are habits that can HARM your thyroid. I've created this list of habits that EVERYONE with a thyroid problem should avoid. By avoiding these things, or by making changes, you can help improve your thyroid function in a natural way. I've based these habits on the thousands of comments I've read and responded to both on my blog, youtube channel, and emails. Some of these habits you may not even realize you are doing. And, by the way, this information applies to those who have ALL types of thyroid problems including those with hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, those who don't have a thyroid, and even those with HYPERthyroidism. These habits damage the thyroid regardless of your thyroid problems. Enjoy!

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