28. The Long Yak - The Last Empress | Clean With Passion For Now | Memories of Alhambra


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In our last Long Yak of 2018, we cover a bunch of recently completed dramas, express our expectations of newly airing ones, and notice a strong theme of ableism in Korean Dramas lately - if a male lead isn't perfectly perfect in body and mind, he can't be a hero. Join us in our #DecemberDramas one-tweet review festival on twitter (@dramasoverflow) or email us at starsinourpocket@gmail.com. Also, check out our patreon page for outtakes and spoiler discussions - http://bit.ly/SupportDOF Have a great holiday everyone! TIME STAMPS - 00:02:09 - Email: How to get involved in the Kdrama Fandom? 00:11:26 - Patreon shoutouts! CURRENTLY AIRING - 00:15:27 - THE LAST EMPRESS 00:27:27 - TOP STAR YOO BAEK 00:45:13 - CLEAN WITH PASSION FOR NOW 00:56:37 - RED MOON BLUE SUN 01:01:55 - MEMORIES OF THE ALHAMBRA COMPLETED DRAMAS - 01:13:14 - WHERE STARS LAND/FOX BRIDE STARS 01:30:25 - TERIUS BEHIND ME 01:34:46 - FAMILIAR WIFE 01:36:02 - BEAUTY INSIDE 01:46:15 - THE SMILE HAS LEFT YOUR EYES UPCOMING DECEMBER DRAMAS - 01:52:29 - Fates and Furies 01:52:36 - Coffee Please 01:57:15 - Just Dance/ Dance Sports Girls 01:59:17 - The Return of Revenge MEET OUR AWESOME PATRONS - Egads Steven Blackmore Lia W. Kimbap Noona Hades

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