Get out of your own way, with Susan Baroncini-Moe


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My guest is my long-time friend, Susan Baroncini-Moe. She is the author of the bestselling book, Business in Blue Jeans: How to Have a Successful Business on Your Own Terms in Your Own Style. Susan has worked with clients on four continents in a wide range of industries. She’s a sought-after strategist and has been featured on ABC, in Redbook magazine, USA Today, MSN, Yahoo Finance and I could go on and on. She is the host of 2Questions.TV, a YouTube show and podcast, where she interviews celebrities, best-selling authors as well as esteemed experts and entrepreneurs. Listen To The Podcast: She is a freakishly successful executive coach and business leader with over 16 years of experience. She’s a great encourager. You’re going to love her...and like I said...I’m excited to share this conversation with you because I know Susan will help you shift some of your perspectives — and — get out of your own way. You can go to to find out more about Susan and get some goodies just for DREAM THINK DO-ers. So let's get to the INTERVIEW. Susan...welcome to DREAM THINK DO: Thanks for that great introduction, Mitch! As you know, Susan, we've got a lot of people that listen to DREAM THINK DO who are rocking it. A lot of them that are already leaders, entrepreneurs, and globe changers. But there's a lot of people that they've got this idea for a business or they want to launch their business. Susan, “Business in Blue Jeans” came out of some particular circumstances in your life. So tell us about that season of life. I mean, you've created this great business, but tell us about the season where you weren't doing things on your own terms. Yeah, we've never talked about this by the way. Thanks again for having me on your show. I have had a season in my life when I was not doing things on my own terms or in my own style. I think you know, that I studied sociology and social psychology at the University of Iowa. Right. Iowa ties! I actually paid my way through school by working in one of the tech labs and it was back when the Internet was new and I was really interested in, fascinated by it. So I learned at light speed and, and I just learned so much that I taught web design and development classes to faculty, staff, and students at the university. The university liked me and they liked what I was doing and so they recruited me. So my first job was in academia and really, I loved it there and I might have stayed there, but I got recruited by a magazine publishing house in Des Moines. They made me a really interesting offer and painted a really beautiful picture of what my future would be like. So I went there to help them take their printed content and turn it into salable digital content online back when doing that was new. Oh, yes indeed. Those world wide webs. Who knows whether it's going to work or not? Right! I liked the work that I did, but I found very quickly that the environment was “Intrapreneurial”, meaning entrepreneurs inside of a company. I came up with some really cool ideas that I loved and, and what would happen is I would come up with big ideas that would get taken out of my hands. So for example, I came up with this really great idea. Let's do some videos. And so my boss thought it was a great idea and he sent me to Chicago for some in-depth video training. When I came back from a training, I found out that this big player in the company had taken a special interest in my idea and decided his department was going to implement it… and I didn’t get to work on it. And that bummed me out. And that kind of stuff happened a lot. And I also found that I would come home from work late in the evening and I felt like I was losing my life. And you know, I think this is a concept we get wrong a lot. Just we in general...humans...get it wrong and we have this idea that you go to work, you spend your day and then you come home and you have thi...

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