Ep 010: How to Get Out of Your Head, Fail Fast & Find Your Voice with Vanessa Bryan

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Today on the Podcast, Guest Vanessa Bryan:

Got an unreasonable dream that feels impossible? Trying to put yourself "out there" but you're too in your head? Feeling drained by naysayers? Than this is the episode for you.

Turns out, in the end, everything comes down to how quickly you can regroup. How diligently you can hold the vision, share your gifts, and trust yourself even amidst continuous fear and failure. Because truth?

It's Time to Take Your Power Back:

Sometimes there is "beauty in the struggle." Sometimes, you've got to be "stubborn for what you want." Sometimes, a line of demarcation must be drawn. And the people who truly love you? They'll come to understand, "Oh, she's got to fight for this."

These gems, and so many more, come from a woman who has been there and done that. A talent so fierce you couldn't imagine her doing anything other than singing to thousands, on two world tours, with Tony winner Idina Menzel and Disney Star Olivia Holt. And yet, 10 years ago, she gave it all up.

Hear the behind-the-scenes story of how professional vocalist and business owner, Vanessa Bryan, "turned her back on her best friend" and the moment she remembered where she truly belonged.

It's Time to Face Fear & Fail Fast:

One of the many reasons Vanessa is such a powerhouse woman, both as a professional vocalist and the owner of Music Lessons Los Angeles in the heart of the North Hollywood Arts District, is because she knows (first hand) the value of asking better questions to get better answers. And she honors the mentors, teachers, and coaches who helped her to build her confidence and find her voice by paying it forward.

It's no wonder then why you may have seen Vanessa as the face of Ford commercials, the lead subject of television Docu-Series, and the one you can't take your eyes off of — whether performing at the Greek Theater for 5000 people or a Dreamcatchers District event for 100. She exudes what we all hope to be: free.

Fact is, there are few who throw themselves into as many creative rings (as often and as courageously) as Vanessa. She runs toward her fear; treating any stage like it's Madison Square Gardens. Because, in her mind? It is. And, no doubt, it will be. Just you watch.

In this Episode We Talk About:

• What life on tour is really like

• The first time she auditioned for Idina Menzel in PJs

• What her mentors taught her about herself and her craft

• How music is a messenger and a storyteller

• Why the audience needs you to give them permission

• Daily Rituals and Peak Performance strategies

• The #1 reason you need to fail immediately

• How to find your voice and trust yourself

• Why where you are is perfect for right now

• The only time she quit her dream, ten years ago

• What she does to get out of her own way

• The person who was her "biggest critic and biggest fan"

• How self-care is as important as sound check

• The one thing that still can shake her confidence

• How she discerns her intuition from her fear

• What she's learned about work ethic on the road

• The importance of celebrating each step along the way

Get Ready to Hear All The Behind-The-Scenes Stories & Insights from Vanessa Bryan

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• Toured With: Indina Menzel , Olivia Holt

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