Ep 011: Choose the Right Projects & Know You're Enough with Alison Haislip

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Today on the Podcast, Guest Alison Haislip:

If you're anything like most high achieving, ambitious, creative folk — than, no matter how much external "success" you acquire, you may be carrying around an invisible backpack of self-doubt. Your mind, at times, may be plagued with questions like, "Am I on the right path?" or "What will people think?" or "Can I even do it?"

The fears can be so convincing that our bodies, our spirits, take a serious hit. You feel exhausted, worried about the future or ruminating over the past, and (unintentionally) you miss the only thing that was ever real: today. So you hustle, you push, you DO DO DO and you GO GO GO to escape that feeling. And, in many ways, that strategy has worked. You've gotten the competitive edge.

But here's what I want you to know: "success" is not the end game; satisfaction is. How you play — matters.

Consider this a Sign:

Are you debating what projects or joint creative ventures to say "yes" or "no" to? Is your self-worth hanging onto every "like" on social media? Wishing you felt more guided? Are you suddenly navigating an unexpected ending? Wanting to stand up for causes you care about but not sure how it'll impact your brand? Wishing you could get back to basics and create just for fun? Craving more offline community? Struggling to feel enough?

These are widespread experiences every creative entrepreneur faces at one time or another. The key is not to fight them. Or hide them. Or amplify them by asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. Rather, to see them for what they are: intuitive hits from the Universe bidding for your attention. Learn to use them like signposts to slow down; to remember who you are, what you want, and why you started.

Let this be your invitation to trust everything is working together for your good; to reboot and start again.

Learn to Validate Yourself:

Meet Alison Haislip. From hosting to acting to being turned into her own IELLO board game character "Ali-San," this Influencer has done it all. And if hanging with A-listers and American Ninja Warriors has taught her anything, it's this: "I have to be true to me" ... "failure is part of the game" ... "this is happening for a very specific reason and, you don't know why but, when you look back you'll thank it."

While you probably know Alison from G4, ABC's Battlebots, Con Man with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion, or the Half Hour Happy Hour with Alison and Alex podcast on Nerdist — you may not know she's also just like you; just like me. A woman on a journey; a creative on a mission. Playing at this game called life. And learning all along the way: I'm worth it. (And so are you).

In this Episode We Talk About:

• Knowing when and why to say "Yes" vs "No" to a project or invitation

• The power of your Subconscious Mind + not being jaded

• What a teacher told her that still rings true today

• How she rides out the highs and lows of being a creative

• The #1 thing her friends won't let her do

• Why it's important to creative things NOT for money

• What's she's learned about validating herself

• The 2 things every great leader leads with

• What she learned acting alongside Mark Harmon on NCIS

• When a sudden career shock felt like a divorce

• The show that got her back to her roots

• How she balances being a Brand Ambassador & a creative activist

• Why she doesn't consider herself an Entrepreneur

• How she unplugs and gets back to basics in this digital world

• What she still struggles with despite all her success

• How to manifest what you want vs what you don't

• The specific questions she asks herself when triggered into fear

• The one big dream still on her bucket list

• And what she hopes her 90-year-old self will tell her, looking back on today

Get Ready to Hear All The Behind-The-Scenes Stories & Insights from Alison Haislip

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• As Seen On: Con Man , ABC's BattleBots , Hulu's Battleground to name a few

• Past Episodes: Listen to Alex Albrecht (EP #008) & Tyler J. McCall (EP #003)

• Book She's Reading: The Fear Cure: Cultivating Courage as Medicine for the Body, Mind & Soul

• Speakers & Centers: Lisa Nichols at The Agape International Spiritual Center

• The Dreamcatchers District Creative Direction: For Your Beliefs and Business, Ask Me How

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