Ep 012: Discovering Who You Are with Creative Biz Rebellion Caroline Hull

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Today on the Podcast, Guest Caroline Hull:

If you've ever been guilty of doing #AllTheThings than you know what it's like to be running on empty. Maybe you find yourself taking on too many projects, doing tasks you have zero skill or interest in, and chasing goals that aren't actually aligned with your values or longterm vision.

But, like too many, you pound more coffee and pull more late nights. Why? Because you're a hard worker; maybe even a "helper." You want the best for everyone and you have a hard time saying, "No."

Still, deep down, something's screaming at you: "STOP this train! I want to get off." The workload isn't sustainable; the lifestyle isn't satisfying; the support isn't there. You think, "What am I doing wrong?"

Beat Burnout Before Burnout Beats YOU:

You, me, WE can all get overloaded at times. Especially in those first 1-3 years of creative entrepreneurship where there's not, yet, enough cashflow or hands on deck to do all the jobs. Once the excitement and novelty of "launching" wears off, and the banal day-to-day operations kick in (if you've even mapped out what those are), it's easy to lose steam.

No wonder you find yourself wearing 3,000 different hats, with 25 half completed projects, jumping from course to course, trying to DIY your marketing + your design + your website + your social media + your sales + your offerings. Of course, you feel "behind."Anyone would. You've forgotten who you are, what you want, why you started.

Truth? Until you get clearer — clearer with your time, your money, and your energy — this spinning of the wheels won't quit. AND, without realizing it, you'll bury your business right into the ground. Ooh, ouch. I know.

Designing Your Year Helps:

That's why, last spring, when I started pre-production on the Dreamcatchers District Podcast I knew better than to do it myself. In the Fall/Winter of 2016, I had already mapped out project goals for Q2 and Q3 of 2017. I knew what I wanted more of, what I wanted less of, why, and what my role(s) would be in creatively directing that vision. I designed a plan and it felt goooood.

Did it all go exactly without a hitch? That's adorable. Of course not! That's why systems, structures, strategies and emotional support are so dang important. Then, at least 70-80% of the time, things can go pretty smooth sailing. You know where you're going, you know how to get there, and you know why it's worth it. When the wind changes? You can steer that baby back to shore.

While I "technically" could have done many of the tasks associated with editing, publishing, distributing and marketing a podcast — it was clear to me where my time, money, and energy was best spent. Given my stage of business, I knew exactly where to focus my strengths and how to produce revenue generating activities. And learning audio editing? That sure wasn't it.

Enter My Podcast Producing Partner in Crime ...

Caroline Hull of Caroline Creates. Now, if you’re running an online products based business, you're most certainly familiar with Creative Biz Rebellion; the podcast she co-hosts with Kelly Parker Smith of Hello World Paper Co. But what you might not know is the behind-the-scenes story of how this mamapreneur transitioned from ballet dancer to designer to dedicated podcast producer.

Down the road we'll be hosting a future episode on How to Launch a Podcast, confessing all the mistakes we made along the way. But today's conversation is all about changing careers and discovering who you want to be. May we all be as warm, funny, and resilient as this woman. My producer, my friend, my Sweet Caroline.

In this Episode We Talk About:

• Why worshipping the Ballet God had become her whole identity

• How she healed poor body image and a full blown eating disorder

• The permission she gave herself and how she pivoted from dance to design

• What it really felt like to chase something that wasn't working

• When she was finally done with licking envelopes at 4am

• The myth of Time Management (side note: this will be a future episode)

• The Naptime Hustle vs the Pinterest mamapreneur fantasy

• Why she chose to homeschool and the costs that had on her business

• The 2 titles that are most important to her

• Why doing #AllTheThings is the fast track to burnout

• The truth about why most creative entrepreneurs procrastinate

• What makes her joint venture with Kelly Parker Smith so fun

• What she believes the Universe is trying to tell you

• When she shifted priorities and hit up against values conflicts

• Why podcast editing is the perfect fit for her introverted heart

• How Flow and Grit are opposite sides of the same coin

• The way she came to see failure and the lessons she's learned

Get Ready to Hear All The Behind-The-Scenes Stories & Insights from Caroline Hull

Mentioned in this Podcast:

• Follow Caroline Hull: Twitter , Instagram , Facebook

• Podcast: Creative Biz Rebellion

• Quote: "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." ~ Einstein

• Past Episodes: Listen to Episode #006 to hear when is the right vs wrong time to take on a creative project

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