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Here's the full question sent in from an ENFP. I'm sure some of you may have found yourselves in a similar situation at some point, whatever your personality type.

"I've been listening to your YouTube videos on and off and just started again as I've been having difficulties in my life. I've reached the point where I'm not sure what to do anymore. I'm burned out and have no motivation, drive, dreams, or money to do anything except stay at my dead-end job that I once again got back to because the grass wasn't greener on the other side.

I had hoped to start in total the last 2 plus years a work from home job, but I know nothing about the motivation of running my own business, but I can't stand the cubicle grind in data-entry long term.

My feelings get in the way of dictating what I should do in almost everything I do in my life. I've realized I can't always feel good about being a business owner because every choice of being an employee or business owner has its own pros and cons.

I don't have any direction in my life, I'm all over the map, I can't choose a destination and if I do, I either get bored after a while or I can't see things through completion.

Being 37 years old and making less than $14/hr with a 2-hour commute every day is not my idea of fun. It's absolute hell. Any advice in what I should do?"

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