Drew And Mike – May 22, 2018


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Tom Mazawey (@TomMazawey) & Marc Fellhauer (@MarcFell) are here today! The worst millennial ever is evicted from his parents' house, John Waite joins us, Pubix says no to "cum", Margot Kidder's final days, Miss USA Q&A never disappoints, Maz has another terrible separated at birth & Drew can't stop gushing about Hugh Grant. McDonalds had a bad day: The #FightFor15 took their protest to McDonalds HQ with the same message but a fresh new chant & 10 workers filed sexual assault lawsuits against the company. Want to help set Kwame up for a comeback? Donate to the GoFundMe & snag a commemorative #FreeKwame T-Shirt! John Waite calls us from the road to talk about his upcoming appearance at The Magic Bag May 27th. Johnathan Cain & Neal Schon have squashed their beefs, in case anyone was worried. Breaking News: Baby Blue shirt from the slow speed chase yesterday got caught & arrested. A woman in South Carolina ordered a cake for her genius kid that graduated Summa Cum Laude & Publix took it upon themselves to censor out CUM. Some 30 year old LOAD that Maz thinks looks like Matt Patricia got evicted from his parents' house by a judge... kind of. Drew's favorite actor Hugh Grant is finally getting hitched. Time to marathon all of the Hugh Grant 'vehicles'. Maz announces he may have to cut his 1 day a week short tonight to go watch his daughter's softball tournament, which leads to a little bit of friendly ball busting. Derek Paravicini has a Twitter!!! Miss USA 2018 was on last night & the question on everybody's mind is, what do you consider mind boggling thing about the opposite sex? Dan Gilbert bought a weird cartoonish statue named Waiting to put in Campus Martius. Show & Tell: Bittersweet as Maz brings an autographed photo of Margot Kidder. We now know that Margot's final days were surrounded by thieving meth-heads who she took in to her home to help. JFK News: Kennedy would pay $5K to get a Jackie lookalike at a brothel in Paris. Breaking News: The 30 year old loser Michael has broken his silence in an interview with the Daily Mail. R. Kelly sued his former lawyers but forgot to show up to court, so the suit was dismissed, but another girl is now suing him for sexual assault & giving her the herp. Short man Syndrome has been scientifically proven by researchers in the Netherlands. Starbucks new open door bathroom policy is attracting campers & people shooting heroin. Actual audio has been found for the Tim Horton's rogue pooper video. Michael Haag unleashed a glorious stream into the seat pocket in front of him on a flight from Colorado to South Carolina. Turns out John Conyers III isn't ballot worthy & will not be taking over for his father. Not a sports podcast but... The NFL is talking about anti-kneeling policies. Tom Brady doesn't want to do OTAs, he'll workout with his crazy TB12 trainer though. Like & rate us on Facebook & follow Drew on Twitter. Byeeeeeeeeee!

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