Future News & Views - Inspiration4 in Orbit! Taylor on iPad/Phone 13, High Tech Caveman and the PowerTower,Lithium Ion and the Goldilocks Effect, The Cone of Silence


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Listen Now to Dr.Mrs. Future Show 9.15.2021 Taylor on iPhone13 and Bobby Wilder

This week, the first all civilian spacecraft, Inspiration4, orbits the earth for three days, launching without a hitch, both in space and on Netflix. It’s also the time of year when Apple announces their newest iPhone, and iPad. And naturally we have our Apple pro guy, Taylor Barcroft in the studio to comment on the latest and greatest offerings from our favorite tech fruit. Spoilers: the new iPad Mini is the hottest most bang for your buck, and the new watch embodies last year’s tech.

Lots of callers sharing info with us, including a local disaster regarding a massive 100 megawatt battery experiment in our neighborhood! Enjoy..

Inspiration 4 makes orbit and the crew enjoy its 360 cupola view

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