Episode 74: David McIntyre & Blake Jones, West Fork Whiskey Co


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"Whiskey is God blessing us with amazing things." David McIntyre and Blake Jones are quickly becoming owners of the largest whiskey distillery in Indiana, West Fork Whiskey Co. David and Blake are set on ensuring that someone from Indiana will be able to order an Indiana-made whiskey at any bar, even in Kentucky. Take another sip and learn how West Fork Whiskey is putting pressure on other distilleries by pushing "local" in the spirits game, and how they are scaling a product for expansion that needs to be made years before it is sold. Drink deep of the culture around you this week with David McIntyre and Blake Jones of West Fork Whiskey Co.

Learn more about West Fork Whiskey...

What we tasted...

  • All or Nothing
  • 3rd Degree
  • B-Street Blues
  • Colonel
  • Rye-Ters Block
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