Episode 79: Shellye Suttles, Food Policy & Program Coordinator


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90% of food and nutrition services are provided by federal programs maintained by people like Shellye Suttles - the Food Policy and Program Coordinator for Indianapolis' Office of Public Health and Safety. Her master's degree in Agricultural Economics and experience working with livestock in Guatemala while in the Peace Corps provides a unique perspective on how to solve the food issues Hoosiers face. In this episode, we take a deep dive into our current food issues in Indiana and how Shellye is using her strengths to look at the issues from an economic and logistical standpoint to ensure that Hoosiers have access to food. We also highlight the differences between the various food programs, step through how easy it is to receive help when you need it, and learn about why this specific issue speaks to Shellye. Drink deep of the culture around you with the story of Shellye Suttles.

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The lemonade flavors we tasted...Whole Foods Market Lemon Italian Soda GT's Organic Raw Kombucha Lemonade Whole Foods Lemonade Shellye's Hand-Squeezed Limonada

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