#148 - Titanic Doors and Angsty Teens


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Hey folks and welcome to a SURPRISE episode of Drinking Alone, With Friends! On this episode that no one saw coming we bring to you the best looking versions of ourselves! Chris is joined by New Tud (KiwiKadota) and New Obert (Mr. Oscar winner, Jordan from Wreck My Podcast) as we have our first ever 20 point Untappd-a-verse guess! We spend some time talking about what has been going on in Tud and Obert's life all while having some delicious sours and a French Toast beer. We also debate the logistics of floating doors, the poor pack-mule dog Popcorn and some traumatizing times at The Most Magical Place on Earth! This was a VERY fun episode to make and, if all goes according to plan, even Old Tud and Old Obert will be surprised!

Check out New Tud - twitch.tv/kiwikadota

Check out New Obert - https://www.wreckmypodcast.com/

Check out Chris (It's only fair lol) - twitch.tv/beerdadgamer

P.S. Obert - I will be looking forward to the whiteboard update

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