#167~ February 1, 2020: " 'Damaging If Disclosed': The Alleged 'Secret Papers' Of CIA Pilot Alexander Rorke."


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IN THIS EPISODE~ We will study a particularly odd episode related in recently released JFK Assassination Documents. CIA pilot Alexander Rorke was tied Operationally to several Dealey Plaza Suspects~namely eventual-Watergate Burglar Frank Sturgis, and Gerald Patrick Hemming's "Gunboat Cowboys", the mercenary Organization INTERPEN. The disappearance of Rorke's plane off the coast of Mexico occurred almost *simultaneously* with the appearance of somebody claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City. Less than two months after Kennedy's murder, a still-redacted member of the military contacted CIA on the down-low, claiming to have seen~and taken notes on~ writings of Rorke's that had been secreted away in a New York City bank vault prior to his disappearance, writings that would severely "damage the reputation of the Agency" if disclosed. ...and the wide-ranging list of Assassination-relate names this anonymous informant says he saw in these 'secret papers' of Alexander Rorke...is kind of astonishing. JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Written & Hosted by Doug Campbell Recorded & Produced by Grant Wilson Music: "Animate", by Rush "Subdivisions" (Live), by Rush "Bravado", by Rush "Vincent Price Blues", by ZZ Top

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